We are a group of retired mechanical, electrical and software design and development engineers and technicians who retain a strong desire to continue exercising the considerable engineering skills we have acquired over the years, wherever these might find application.  We are equally willing to transfer those skills and share our extensive experience by way of lectures and/or workshops to whoever might require them.

While we are South African based, our members are generally well-travelled and are prepared to undertake engineering work worldwide, especially if such work can be conducted remotely via the Internet. However, our physical presence will be made available on-site wherever practical and whenever required.

Collectively we have several hundred man-years of experience between us, mostly in high-tech system development environments, and have been involved in the design, development and testing of complex systems. Our network of like-minded former colleagues enables us to quickly identify skilled engineers and technicians available to carry out client-proposed work.

 Our skills lie not only in areas of engineering design and analysis but extend to project management and more especially, system engineering, which generally covers a range of disciplines. We are willing to assist in resolving engineering related problems for any organisation where in-house engineering support might not necessarily be available. We are particularly well versed in, and attentive to the extensive documentation generally involved in any engineering project, for example specification practice, design documents, analysis and test reports, operating manuals etc. all of which requires a degree of configuration control. 

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