Members of our group have collectively gained much experience in a wide range of engineering activities and remain competent in their respective areas of expertise. Should the client’s engineering requirement be of such a nature that we are unable to offer a service directly, we may be able to source the requisite skill or capability through our extensive network of knowledgeable engineers and technicians.   

Areas of expertise within our group include the following:

  • System engineering
  • Engineering project management
  • Engineering documentation and configuration control
  • Environmental engineering
  • Structural design, analysis and design certification
  • Aircraft loading actions, structural design and analysis 
  • Vibration and modal analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Aerodynamics, flight control and propulsion
  • Thermodynamics, heat transfer and thermal modelling
  • Mechanism and machine Design and prototype development
  • Mechanism kinematic simulation
  • System Automation
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system design and analysis
  • Corrosion Control
  • System simulation
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Control System design (modelling, simulation, analysis and specification)
  • Fluid Flow analysis and simulation
  • Waterproofing and water flow control
  • System engineering (US DOD definition) of simple or complex systems. (Mechanical, electrical or software systems)
  • 3-D modelling, design and working drawings
  • Teaching of Flight Mechanics, Structural Design and analysis, mathematical modelling of mechanical systems
  • HVAC
  • The design, development and integration of renewable energy resources.



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